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Excess - Tricky
Overcome - Tricky
Black Steel - Tricky
My Evil is Strong - Tricky
Lyrics of Fury - Tricky
Piano - Tricky
Bad Things - Tricky
Sex Drive - Tricky
Ghetto Youth - Tricky
Makes Me Wanna Die - Tricky
Bad Dreams - Tricky
Tricky Kid - Tricky
Christiansands - Tricky
Keep Your Mouth Shut [vocals by Tricky & Björk] - Tricky
Make a Change [vocals by Alison Moyet] - Tricky
Poems [vocals by Tricky, Terry Hall & Martina Topley Bird] - Tricky
Tattoo [vocals by Tricky] - Tricky
Together Now [vocals by Tricky & Neneh Cherry] - Tricky
Yoga [vocals by Tricky & Björk] - Tricky
I Sing for You [vocals by Cath Coffey & Dedi Madden] - Tricky
I Be the Prophet [vocals by Tricky & Martina Topley Bird] - Tricky
Bubbles [vocals by Tricky & Terry Hall] - Tricky
I'm Not Going - Tricky
We Begin - Tricky
Evolution Revolution Love (Marlon & Maddog Remix) - Tricky
Black Steel (Public Enemy) - Tricky
Nothing's Changed (feat. Francesca Belmonte) - Tricky
Black Steel [Radio Edit]/Radio Edit - Tricky
Time To Dance (Maya Jane Coles Remix) - Tricky
Hell Is Round The Corner (The Hell & Water Mix) - Tricky


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