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To mega therion - Therion
Secret Of The Runes - Therion
Cults of the shadows - Therion
In the desert of set - Therion
Nightside of eden - Therion
Invocation of naamah - Therion
The siren of the woods - Therion
The Crowning Of Atlantis - Therion
Cú Chulainn - Therion
Sitra Ahra - Therion
Up To Netzach - Therion
Up to Netzach / Floating Back - Therion
The Quiet Desert - Therion
Children Of The Stone - After The Inquisition - Therion
After The Inquisition: Children Of The Stone - Therion
Fight Fire with Fire - Therion
T.O.F. - The trinity - Therion
The wisdom and the cage - Therion
Unguentum Sabbati - Therion
Cu Chulainn - Therion
2012 - Therion
The Shells Are Open - Therion
Feuer Overtüre/Prometheus Entfesselt - Therion
Kali Yuga, Part 1 - Therion
Fight Fire with Fire ( - Therion
Kali Yuga, Part 2 - Therion
Introduction/Sitra Ahra - Therion
Babylon - Therion
Symphony Of The Dead (Re-Recorded) - Therion
Under Jolly Roger (Running Wild Cover) - Therion


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