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Have A Nice Day - Stereophonics
Dakota - Stereophonics
Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics
Brother - Stereophonics
Superman - Stereophonics
The Bartender And The Thief - Stereophonics
A Thousand Trees - Stereophonics
Vegas Two Times - Stereophonics
Just Looking - Stereophonics
Pick A Part That's New - Stereophonics
Rewind - Stereophonics
Traffic - Stereophonics
Mr. Writer - Stereophonics
Pedalpusher - Stereophonics
Hurry Up And Wait - Stereophonics
Devil - Stereophonics
Feel - Stereophonics
Lolita - Stereophonics
Local Boy In The Photograph - Stereophonics
Doorman - Stereophonics
Maybe - Stereophonics
Handbags And Gladrags - Stereophonics
Girl - Stereophonics
I Stopped To Fill My Car Up - Stereophonics
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio - Stereophonics
Goldfish Bowl - Stereophonics
Deadhead - Stereophonics
Roll Up And Shine - Stereophonics
Too many sandwiches - Stereophonics
She Takes Her Clothes Off - Stereophonics


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