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Beverly Hills - weezer
Hash Pipe - weezer
Buddy Holly - weezer
Say It Ain't So - weezer
My Name Is Jonas - weezer
Surf Wax America - weezer
Only In Dreams - weezer
Holiday - weezer
Perfect Situation - weezer
El Scorcho - weezer
No One Else - weezer
In The Garage - weezer
We Are All On Drugs - weezer
Island In The Sun - weezer
Dope Nose - weezer
O Girlfriend - weezer
Crab - weezer
Fall Together - weezer
Glorious Day - weezer
Keep Fishin' - weezer
Slave - weezer
Space Rock - weezer
Knock-down Drag-out - weezer
Burndt Jamb - weezer
This Is Such A Pity - weezer
American Gigolo - weezer
December - weezer
Take Control - weezer
Death And Destruction - weezer
Slob - weezer


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