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You Shook Me All Night Long - AC-DC
Back In Black - AC-DC
Shoot To Thrill - AC-DC
The Jack - AC-DC
Hells Bells - AC-DC
High Voltage - AC-DC
Thunderstruck - AC-DC
Have A Drink On Me - AC-DC
What Do You Do For Money Honey - AC-DC
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC-DC
Shake A Leg - AC-DC
Who Made Who - AC-DC
Let Me Put My Love Into You - AC-DC
Ride On - AC-DC
Jailbreak - AC-DC
Moneytalks - AC-DC
Heatseeker - AC-DC
Fire Your Guns - AC-DC
Rocker - AC-DC
Sin City - AC-DC
Little Lover - AC-DC
She's Got Balls - AC-DC
Sink The Pink - AC-DC
Live Wire - AC-DC
Big Balls - AC-DC
Hard As A Rock - AC-DC
Shake Your Foundations - AC-DC
Stiff Upper Lip - AC-DC
Can I Sit Next To You Girl - AC-DC
Let There Be Rock - AC-DC


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