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Hello - Empire
Back In The Light - Empire
Chasing Shadows - Empire
The Alter - Empire
Mother Father Holy Ghost - Empire
Sail Away - Empire
Child Of The Light - Empire
Tahigwan Nights - Empire
Manic Messiah - Empire
Angel And The Gambler - Empire
Wherever You Go - Empire
Perfect Singularity - Empire
You - Empire
Sky At Night - Empire
Stop THe Party - Empire
Carbon Based Lifeform (Alternate Version) (Bonus track for Japan) - Empire
The Devil Speaks, The Sinner Cries - Empire
Carbon Based Lifeform (Alternate Version) - Empire
One In A Million - Empire
Pay Back Time - Empire
Teenage Deadhead - Empire
Big World, Little Man - Empire
A Story Told - Empire
The Rulers Of The World - Empire
Breathe - Empire
Another Place, Another Time - Empire
Bomb The Bass (Featuring Benjamin Zepnanian And Siné - Empire
Comin' Home - Empire
Did You Ever Love Me - Empire


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