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Wasted - Twiztid
Ldlha-Ibcsywa - Twiztid
Return Of The Pervert - Twiztid
Get Off Of Me! - Twiztid
Monster - Twiztid
Sex, Drugs, Money And Murder - Twiztid
Rep That Wicked - Twiztid
Won't Die - Twiztid
Hurt Someone - Twiztid
Just Like Me - Twiztid
How I Live - Twiztid
Coin Flip Lunatic - Twiztid
Woe Woe - Twiztid
Monster's Ball - Twiztid
Nightmarez - Twiztid
Come On Let's Get High - Twiztid
Falling Down - Twiztid
1k Hells 2 Find My Heaven - Twiztid
Monstrosity - Twiztid
The Transformation Of A New Civilization - Twiztid
Bad Side - Twiztid
That's Why They All Hate Us More Than You'll Ever Know! - Twiztid
My Favorite - Twiztid
This Is Your Anthem - Twiztid
Weak Shit'z Out - Twiztid
Abominationz - Twiztid
Wet Dreams - Twiztid
Lift Me Up - Twiztid
When I Get To Hell - Twiztid
Know Good - Twiztid


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