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Need a Lot of Love (Acoustic) - Magnum
How Far Jerusalem (Demo) - Magnum
One Night Of Passion (Acoustic Version) - Magnum
The Prize (Acoustic Version) - Magnum
Road To Paradise (BBC Friday Rock Show Session) - Magnum
Vicious Companions (BBC Friday Rock Show Session) - Magnum
Breakdown (BBC Friday Rock Show Session) - Magnum
The Prize (BBC Friday Rock Show Session) - Magnum
True Fine Love (Outtake) - Magnum
Endless Love (Demo) - Magnum
Before First Light (Demo) - Magnum
Only a Memory (Acoustic) - Magnum
Start Talking Love (Acoustic) - Magnum
Foolish Heart (Acoustic) - Magnum
The Prize (Acoustic) - Magnum
The Flood (Red Cloud's War) - Magnum
The Last Dance (Demo) - Magnum
Les Mort Dansant (P.K.A. Cannon) - Magnum
All England's Eyes (Demo) - Magnum
The Word (Alternative Orchestral Version) - Magnum
Soldier Of The Line (Acoustic Version) - Magnum
The Lights Burned Out (Original Version) - Magnum
Everybody Needs (Outtake) - Magnum
Find The Time (Outtake) - Magnum
Without Your Love (Outtake) - Magnum
Master Of Disguise (Outtake) - Magnum
Movin' On (Single B-Side) - Magnum
Sweets For My Sweet (Single A-Side) - Magnum
Captain America (Demo) - Magnum
Slipping Away (Demo) - Magnum


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