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Once Upon the Cross - Deicide
When Satan Rules His World - Deicide
Sacrificial Suicide - Deicide
Trick or Betrayed - Deicide
Kill the Christian - Deicide
Deicide - Deicide
In Torment In Hell - Deicide
Holy Deception - Deicide
To Be Dead - Deicide
Repent to Die - Deicide
In Hell I Burn - Deicide
Lunatic of God's Creation - Deicide
Confessional Rape - Deicide
Christ Don't Care - Deicide
Vengeance Will Be Mine - Deicide
Child Of God - Deicide
Let It Be Done - Deicide
Worry In The House Of Thieves - Deicide
Revocate the Agitator - Deicide
Trifixion - Deicide
Oblivious to Evil - Deicide
Christ Denied - Deicide
Dead by Dawn - Deicide
Mephistopheles - Deicide
Day of Darkness - Deicide
Crucifixation - Deicide
Blaspherereion - Deicide
Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) - Deicide
Bible Basher - Deicide
The End of the Beginning - Deicide


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