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Might as Well Be from Mars - Strawbs
The Weary Song (Dave Cousins) - Strawbs
Tomorrow - Strawbs
Lay Down - Strawbs
Canon Dale - Strawbs
Flying - Strawbs
Absent Friend - Strawbs
A Boy And His Dog - Strawbs
Beside The Rio Grande - Strawbs
Lay Down (Single Version) - Strawbs
Backside - Strawbs
Will You Go - Strawbs
Thank You - Strawbs
Dragonfly (Dave Cousins) - Strawbs
Another Day (Dave Cousins) - Strawbs
Young Again (Tony Hooper) - Strawbs
NRG - Strawbs
That Which Once Was Mine - Strawbs
The Weary Song - Strawbs
We'll Meet Again Sometime - Strawbs
Beat the Retreat - Strawbs
Always On My Mind - Strawbs
Ah Me, Ah My - Strawbs
On Growing Older - Strawbs
The Flower and the Young Man - Strawbs
Queen of Dreams - Strawbs
Starshine/Angel Wine - Strawbs
Close Your Eyes (Dave Cousins-Tony Hooper) - Strawbs
The Winter And The Summer - Strawbs
Back In The Old Routine - Strawbs


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