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Chick Magnet - MxPx
Never Learn - MxPx
So Kill Me - MxPx
Circumstance - MxPx
Oh Donna - MxPx
Let It Happen - MxPx
Move To Bremerton - MxPx
I'm OK, You're OK - MxPx
Time Will Tell - MxPx
The Opposite - MxPx
Don't Look Back - MxPx
Late Last Night - MxPx
Creation - MxPx
Hot And Cold - MxPx
Party II (Time To Go) - MxPx
Elvis Is Dead - MxPx
Fist Vs. Tact - MxPx
Walking Bye - MxPx
Under Lock and Key - MxPx
Begin To Start - MxPx
Swing Set Girl - MxPx
First Class Mail - MxPx
Thoughts And Ideas - MxPx
Easier Said Than Done - MxPx
Rock And Roll Girl - MxPx
Important Enough To Mention - MxPx
Linda Linda (English) - MxPx
Somebody to Love - MxPx
I Will Follow - MxPx
(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles - MxPx


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