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I Will Be Heard - Hatebreed
This Is Now - Hatebreed
A Call For Blood - Hatebreed
Smash Your Enemies - Hatebreed
Live For This - Hatebreed
Final Prayer - Hatebreed
Prepare For War - Hatebreed
Last Breath - Hatebreed
Hollow Ground - Hatebreed
Unloved - Hatebreed
We Still Fight - Hatebreed
Proven - Hatebreed
The Most Truth - Hatebreed
Afflicted Past - Hatebreed
Before Dishonor - Hatebreed
Mark My Words - Hatebreed
Mind Over All - Hatebreed
Defeatist - Hatebreed
To The Threshold - Hatebreed
Destroy Everything - Hatebreed
Give Wings To My Triumph - Hatebreed
As Diehard As They Come - Hatebreed
Spitting Venom - Hatebreed
Horrors Of Self - Hatebreed
Immortal Enemies - Hatebreed
Supremacy Of Self - Hatebreed
Never Let It Die - Hatebreed
Puritan - Hatebreed
Perseverance - Hatebreed
Outro - Hatebreed


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