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Jordan Pruitt - In Love For A Day Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:In Love For A Day
Album:Permission To FlyGenres:Pop
Year:2008 Length:201 sec


It was magical, beautiful
I didn't know how it all began
One day, 24 hours
It didn't turn out how I planned
Cause I did what expected
For the way, the way I do
From a single day
And both of us we knew we could not stay
And yes I admit I would like to
But at least we had the night

I was in love for a day
Love in a way
Love, can't explain
Why you went you away
(Love) it's a shame
(Love) that you didn't stay
(In love) with me

Forgettable, incredible
I didn't know how to handle it
I was unprepared
Maybe a little scared
Of something I may never get
I was never one to believe
Love at first sight could get to me
And maybe if these feelings stay the same
I'll be with you again (one day)
But baby the way


And maybe some day we'll be reconnected
It's so powerful I can't believe it's over yet
The way you play the game in my mind
Makes it hard to forget you
I know you have your life
But someday maybe we'll re-collide
But baby I know (I know)


If you hear me
If you hear me holla!
If you hear me
If you hear me holla!


With me [5x]


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