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Alexander O
Album:All True ManGenres:Rock
Year:1991 Length:300 sec


Baby wake up
How could you sleep at night
Don't give me that stuff
'Cause you know it ain't right baby

'Cause I feel used, used
Broken-hearted got me crying from the start
'Cause I feel used, used
Took me down, not around
You've gone too far
No matter what you say girl

What you trying to do to me
Who gave you the right to be
How could you take away my time
Why you want to tell me lies
You keep a straight face
But what is going on, a masquerade ball
See me running away, I'm gone

'Cause I feel used, used
Led astray, you went away
I'm here to stay 'Cause I feel used, used
Way too long,
I'm hanging on
Don't wanna play


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