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 - 08. Wonderful World Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:08. Wonderful World Artist 
Album:Deaf Dumb BlindGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:161 sec

Lyricist: Clawfinger


There's a peddler a pusher standing on the corner
There'a a junky on the streets with some crack to warm her
Down and out in the city she's working as a hooker
So the system took the freedom to overlook her
She don't exist that's made her feel the hate
She's just a victim of the world that we create
She didn't have a chance man she didn't want to do it
But she never got the choice so she just said screw it
She took it to the bottom just trying it all
Knowing that nobody even cared at all
Don't deny her needs take a look at yourself
Before you start talking 'bout anybody else

Such a wonderful world such a wonderful world

There's a lower class family they're living in a vice
You know it ain't to bad but it sure ain't nice
Four kids in a flat that was built for two
Cockroaches on the floor so what they gonna do
Rats in the cellar no water in the tap
The kids of today are growing up with this crap
A sweet loving mother she does everything she can
A father with a will he's a fighting man
He's lost his job and all the money's been spent
So tell me anybody who's gonna pay the rent
And you're all talking 'bout equality
This whole fucking world is insanity

Such a wonderful world .... wonderful wonderful

Meanwhile in a suburb on some fancy boulevard
There's a couple in a house with a dog on guard
3 cars in the garage they keep everything inside
Afraid of the violence afraid to go outside
Money ain't funny if you're afraid to use it
You grip it to hard when you're afraid to loose it
Working as a lawyer in some upperclass area
Alone at home his wife going into hysteria
A gun under her pillow to tense to relax
To rich to face reality to scared to face the facts
They stick to what they got and they try to make it pretty
Hiding from the life that's going on down in the city

Such a wonderful world ....


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