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WARREN G - Keepin
Song:Keepin' It Strong
Album:The Return of the RegulatorGenres: 
Year: Length:316 sec


(feat. El DeBarge)

[Warren G]

Sometimes I sit back and think about how it was

When I was young, I used to think it was you I couldn't live without

Somehow, life took a sad route

Sometimes the wind blows bad enough to take a plane down

Your straight bullets killed children on playgrounds

Bullshit got me about to smoke a whole pound

Meanwhile, I smile, hoping I can rebound

Somehow the LBC streets ain't the same now, without you

Things ain't been the same since you ain't around

But I stay strong game tight, hold it down

Warren G, I never played a blackground

This song is fucked up, because you gone

[Chorus: El DeBarge]

Oooh, I see ya standing there

With the moonlight shining in your hair

Oooh, It makes me reminsce

Over and over, again and again

[Warren G]

Nothing means more to me, than family

When one lost, its sad to see, damn its me

A friend you will always be

Above all things, you taught me to persue my dreams

With joy it brings, at times when I sit and think

I know inside you smiled down, proud at me

I just need one more drink, damn

At night I can't sleep, I admit that its hard to eat

It's all good, I ain't trippin'

Tried to show me the right laws and guidelines

But I ain't listen, I'm sitting here lavishing and living

And I'd give it all back because you still missing

[Chorus: El DeBarge]

[Warren G]

Lord please hear me, ease my soul

I woke up one day and my mom was gone

I'm in the zone wishing I could call your home

Sing your song, tell ya that I'm out on tour

All alone, I just needed to hear your voice on the phone

Mother and son, though I'm grown

Life moves on, I need you mom, a quiet storm

Differences and right and wrong

As I move on, since Warren G ain't gone

The stitch is on, set the tone, the page I'm on

Is having fun, having a ball, living life

I'm still here, wishing you was home

[Chorus: El DeBarge]

Over, over, over, over, over

Again, again, I miss you

Ohhh mama, don't know, don't care

How I keep it strong, keep moving on

Keepin' it strong, keep movin' it on

Keepin' it strong, keep movin' it on

Keepin' it strong, keep movin' it on

Keepin' it strong, keep movin' it on, mama


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