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Tuck & Patti - One For All Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:One For All
Album:Chocolate MomentGenres:Jazz
Year: Length:174 sec


I was thinking about you late last night
To the days when we were kids
There was fantasy and wonder then
It seemed like time would never end

Many years have passed and we are grown
But the wonder still remains
Come and sit with me and dream awhile
While we stroll down memory lane

The code was one for all
How I wish we all could live that way
If anyone would fall
We would pick them up and dust them off
And keep on with our play

Now we live like restless butterflies
As we flit from placed to place
We don't take much time to sit and dream
And we hardly ever play

Ah, those precious memories linger still
I think I'll give you a call
Take a stroll down memory lane with me
To the days when we were small


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