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Lindsay Lohan - I Live For The Day Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:I Live For The Day
Album:A Little More Personal (Raw)Genres: 
Year: Length:191 sec

Lyricist: Lindsay Lohan


Verse 1
I've got time,
To watch you spin around in circles
Falling through the cracks inside your mind,
Thats fine,
I've been through the darkest hour
Made it to the other side of you,
I can live without you

I live for the day
I live for the night
That you will be desperate
And dyin' inside
I live for the tears
To fall down your face,
I live for the words
You finally say,
I live for the day

Verse 2
You are high,
Thinking you're invincible
So busy building castles in the sky
Your done,
And you dont even know it
But your eyes have started showing
That it's true,
trying to live without love


I live for the day![2x]
Oh Oh Oh day!
Oh Oh Oh

I can't live without you!


Oh wanna see you crawlin' [3x]

I live for the day...


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