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Kim Richey - Just Like the Moon Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Just Like the Moon
Album:Kim RicheyGenres:Contemporary Country
Year: Length:270 sec

Lyricist: Kim Richey


I sat outside one afternoon in an old lawn chair
And I watched the sun set off for business west somewhere
And the sky turned water color pink and gold and blue
And the stars all showed up one by one and we waited for the moon
And I thought about you and I wondered why I took so long to say goodbye
Oh, you shined so bright you blinded me
And left me so I couldn't see
That I was the moon chasing the sun
There was never a prayer of ever catching up
No matter how fast I would run
Like the moon chasing the sun
Just like the moon chasing the sun
The crickets called and the moon peaked out of the eastern sky
They both start up about this time each night
And the evening breeze dropped by and brought some sweet relief
And in the silver light I finally let go of the heat
(repeat channel)
(repeat chorus)


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