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Song:Second Best
Album:Everything To EveryoneGenres:Pop
Year: Length:202 sec


Everything's a lie
We're all gonna die
Before we say goodbye, let's attack

I admit it's bleak
But I give it a week
Until our friends the meek give it back

Is it true? Well it's true enough I guess
Join the chorus of the second best

Second best (several times)

What's left of you that's real
A mutated ideal
With limited appeal, I suggest

If hitting is an art
Then it's drawn us apart
When you erased your heart and beat your chest

Is it you? Well it's you enough I guess
You're an angel in a see-through dress
Is it true, yes it's true enough I guess

Second best (Several times)

Perhaps it's just as well
That I still look like hell
At least the world can tell us apart

Is it true? Yes it's true enough I guess
Come join the chorus of the unimpressed
Is it true, yes it's true enough I guess
Sometimes it's better to be second best


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