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Eminem - Guilty Conscience Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Guilty Conscience
Album:The Slim Shady LPGenres:genre
Year:1999 Length:201 sec

Lyricist: Eminem


into play...

this song sucks
and so do i
so lets get this over with
before i die

i was just a little kid
i was only 4
my mom walked out
when my dad hit the floor
she said she was sorry
but she faked it i swear
i said 'help me mommy'
but she didnt care

when i was 6
i started school
i was bullied there
cos i wasnt cool
i wasnt clever either
i was a loser
and when i was 14
i was a boozer

from there my life went downwards
like walking down hills
cos what ruined my life
was drugs and pills
its not worth smoking
or doing drugs
cos if your gonna do it
youll be with thugs

you wont get any money
no cash at all
you wont be bling
you wont be cool
if youve listened to my story
its not a lie
cos in a few weeks
im gonna die


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