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Ub40 - You
Song:You're Always Pulling Me Down
Album:Fathers of ReggaeGenres:Reggae
Year: Length:261 sec


I thought I knew you well, your right and wrong

Thought I could steal your secrets and put them in a song

I thought that you'd be waiting patiently for me

That only I could see

You build me up and tell me lies

You hold my hand, say close your eyes


You're always pulling me down

You make me lower my expectations

You're always pulling me down

Why do you complicate situations

You're always pulling me down

I don't know what else to do

I'm still in love with you

I wish that I could see things through your eyes

I want to lift the veil and penetrate your lies

I want to take your truth and hold it in my hand

Maybe then I'll understand

You contradict in a thousand ways

You call the tune and guess who pays


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