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Motörhead - City Kids Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:City Kids
Year: Length:205 sec


Nobody knows
I know nobody cares what goes on in here
We have this door
Nobody gets in until I'm really sure
Don't creep up behind me
You know where to find me, I'm always around
Turns out if you need us, before you lead us astray
Don't care who we meet
We're orphans here on Easy Street and we feel real mean
Cruising on speed
We've got more than we'll ever need, ain't life sweet?
We won't turn your pay down
City kids don't lay down, we don't call so
Better get some more of that
City kids, we don't give that to you, oh no

Bombs go off at night
Searing heat, blinding light, you like it fine
Park the car and run
Dance all night, it was for fun, we're nasty, hahahaha!
Why do we do it
No-one can get through it
We know where to run
You hear what we're saying
Time that you were praying 'cause
City kids time, won't be long

Won't be long, no it won't be long!


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