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The Chemical Brothers - Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine mix) Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine mix)
Album:Singles 93-03 (Bonus Disc)Genres:Other
Year: Length:413 sec


Not another drugstore, not another town
Tired of the old job, I had to put it down
You know I was the man but I put the crown down
So I roll around with Chemicals to pave the new sound
So I roll around with Chemicals to pave the new sound
So we rolling with The Chemicals and got the new sounds

Chemical inflection like Kool-Aid with Owsley
Wicked on the track, you know me
Drugstore Cowboy, down boy
Sit and listen check the load and
Open suddenly with the twin ring, ring connect then
Proceed to rip it like scissors
Comin' through your town like a fuckin' blizzard
Cheech wizard, hiding under a hat
I made the room L.Z. rock and liberate beat tracks
In the crate activate form of a black fist with the pick
You know me, rollin' with my clique the One-Inch Punch
Send these bastards back to lunch

Come on leave the grind, you know its time to down
Soon the world will seed the sands of time, a born will be sound
Holla us, hold the note and then the mic gets spoke
Another day into the Dharma like a wheel to a spoke
Like a particle of what your mind converted to choke
I never worry about the dollars so Ill never be broke
You know I understand but still I really dont understand
Strictly guided by the breeze, my shit can never be planned
Aint a man alive but bold enough to just dance trill
He tried to corner but she thought to move in inches and flinch
Blast off the canvas and you know its inevitable
Smoking classic One-Inch Punch, were mad incredible


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