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Death Cab For Cutie - Wait Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Album:You Can Play These SongsGenres:Indie
Year: Length:215 sec


Every town has a diner, where I'll meet you and your friends, too.

Things are just a bit nicer over some coffee. You can tell me all about your day.

I don't know much about you, not that I want to. Not that I want to.

Sometimes I can't escape from my room, so excuse me--I'll be just a little late

You will wait for me.

Every town has a corner, where I'll see you and your friends, too.

Hang out looking cool. Saying the same things over and over again.

Sometimes we all feel stupid, we say the wrong things. You're not the only one.

Sometimes we all get left behind in a race of style--it's a dumb thing.

You will wait for me.


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