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Song:All Alone
Album:Demon DaysGenres:Rock
Year: Length:210 sec



All Alone (16x)

laviti caso

due to run my...

snatch a piece of my wonderin'

distant-far like yonderin'

skin of my tooth like

seat of my boot like

fly in my soup like

where's the waitress?

can i take this, really, can i finish this?

these years and all these creatures

it's my mistake, i'll make it

j-dub to the boom now make it

bounce-wiggle bounce-wiggle

shakin' all them bangs out

chemical cutthroats

bound to blow the brain out

cut to the brain

this ain't no game

i'll show no shame

i'll birth this blame

i'm twisted cain

i'll twist again

i'll push the blade

as plain as day

known to what these sayers say

known to what these doers do

it's you and who and you-know-where

we's about to take it there

we's about to make it clear

we happy or we lonesome

the long jump, the beat heart, from start to finish

ten spoons of spinach

the soul and the spillage

the cup that runneth ovah

we turn up the o-god!


close your eyes and see

when there ain't no light

all you'll ever be

come and save the night

cause i don't leave

when the morning comes, it doesn't

seem to say an awful lot to me



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