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The Clash - Broadway Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Album:Sandinista! (Disc 2)Genres:Pop
Year: Length:347 sec


(The Clash)

"It ain't my fault

It's 6 'o'clock in the morning"

He said

As he came up out of the night

When he found I had no coins to bum,

He began to testify

Born in a depression

Born out of good luck

Born into misery

- In the back of a truck..

I'm telling you this mister

Don't be put off by looks

I been in the ring and I took those right hooks

Oh the loneliness

Used to knock me out - harder than the rest

And I've worked for breakfast

'N I ain't had no lunch

I been on delivery and received every punch

Suddenly I noticed that it weren't quite the same

Feel different one morning maybe it was the rain

But everywhere I looked all over the city

They're runnin' in an out of the bars

Someone stopped for a pick-up driving one of those cars

Y'see I allways wanted one of those cars

Long black 'n shiny an' pull up to the bars

Honk your horn, put down your windows, push yer button,

Hear it coming in

You can say I can see the light... roll!

Forward! Drive! Green lights! Green lights!

Intersection city coming a running comeback home I run back

Not that strong now

Yes who's there now, can I help you? Calling Intel station light

Did you put your money in? Yes I put it in

It say go, I say go, she say go, so we say go

Cos I can see the light all night tonight this night right now

Coming on forward motion across the ocean

An' up the hills yeh boys let's strike for the hills

While that petrol tank is full

Gimme a push gimme a pull

Gimme a llama gimme a mule

Gimme a donkey or gimme a horse

Down the avenue

So fine

In style


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