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Neil Finn - Twisty Bass Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Twisty Bass
Album:Try Whistling ThisGenres:Rock/Pop
Year: Length:310 sec


The hangman's in the noose
The prisoner is loose
The wheel has come around
And the velvet curtain coming down
And left it there
A suitcase on a chair
I feel my weight
And something tells me
There's a river underground
In a place where there's no one to be found
And no one came to see
The oldest show in town (x3)
Santa's on the cross
Innocence is lost
The music's in your mind
And the windscreen wipers move in time
No one came to see
The oldest show in town (x2)
And the stranger was a ghost
The killer was a priest
Took the first excuse
Made the madness seem cute lipped
On your own you'll find your own escape
There are many ways to choose
And I don't know which one you should take
A home is all you want
On the back of a truck driving down the street
It doesn't seem so much
But it's all you need to make your life complete
No one came to see
The oldest show in town (x3)
No one came to see
I lean the slightest bit towards you
White turns into brown, light goes to black
Your eyes danced in my reflection
And the horse ate my trousers


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