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The Clash - One More Time Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:One More Time
Album:Sandinista! (Disc 1)Genres:Pop
Year: Length:212 sec


Must I get a witness? for all this misery

There's no need to, brothers everybody can see

That its one more time in the ghetto you know

One more time if you please now

One more time to the dying man

They say one more time if you please

The old lady kicks karate

For just a little walk down the street

The little baby he knows kung fu

He tries it on those he meets

Cos its a one more time!

You don't need no silicone to calculate poverty

Watch when Watts town burns again

The bus goes to Montgomery

Cos it's a one more time in the ghetto

One more time if you please

One more time for the dying man

One more time to be free


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