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The Clash - Junco Partner Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Junco Partner
Album:Sandinista! (Disc 1)Genres:Pop
Year: Length:292 sec


Down the road came a Junco Partner

Boy, he was loaded as can be

He was knocked out, knocked out loaded

He was a'wobblin' all over the street

Singing 6 months ain't no sentence

Yeah, and one year ain't no time

I was born in Angola

Serving 14 to 99

Well I wish I had me one million dollars

Oh, one million to call my own

I would raise me, and say, "grow for me baby"

Raise me a tobacco farm

Take a walk, Take a walk, Junco Partner

Well, when I had me a great deal of money

Yeah, I had mighty good things all over town

Now I ain't got no more money

All of my good friends they're putting me down

So now I gotta pawn my ratchet and pistol

Yeah I'm gonna pawn my watch and chain

I would have pawned my sweet Gabriella

But the smart girl she wouldn't sign her name

(repeat first verse twice)

Well I'm down, yes I'm getting thirsty

Pour me out a good beer, when I'm dry

Just, just give me whisky, when I'm thirsty

Give me headstone when I die.

Down the road.


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