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The Clash - Hitsville UK Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Hitsville UK
Album:Sandinista! (Disc 1)Genres:Pop
Year: Length:261 sec


They cried the tears, they shed the fears, Up and down the land, They stole guitars or used guitars - So the tape would understand, Without even the slightest hope of a 1000 sales Just as if, as if there was, a hitsville in U.K., I know the boy was all alone, til the hitsville hit U.K. They say true talent will allways emerge in time, When lightening hits small wonder - Its fast rough factory trade, No expense accounts, or lunch discounts Or hypeing up the charts, The band went in, 'n knocked 'em dead, in 2 min. 59 - No slimy deals, with smarmy eels - in hitsville U.K. Lets shake'n say, we'll operate - in hitsville U.K. The mutants, creeps and musclemen, Are shaking like a leaf, It blows a hole in the radio, When it hasnt sounded good all week, A mike'n boom, in your living room - in hitsville U.K. No consumer trials, or A.O.R., in hitsville U.K., Now the boys and girls are not alone, Now the hitsville's hit U.K.


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