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Neil Diamond - Brooklyn Roads Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Brooklyn Roads
Year: Length:219 sec


If I close my eyesI can almost hear my motherCallin', 'Neil, go find your brotherDaddy's home, and it's time for supperHurry on'
And I see two boysRacin' up two flights of staircaseSquirmin' into Papa's embraceAnd his whiskers warm on their faceWhere's it goneOh, where's it gone
Two floors above the butcherFirst door on the rightLife filled to the brimAs I stood by my windowAnd I looked out of thoseBrooklyn roads
I can still recallThe smells of cookin' in the hallwaysRubbers drying in the doorwaysAnd report cards I was alwaysAfraid to show
Mama'd come to schoolAnd as I'd sit there softly cryingTeacher'd say, 'He's just not tryingHe's got a good head if he'd apply it'But you know yourselfIt's always somewhere else
I built me a castleWith dragons and kingsAnd I'd ride off with themAs I stood by my windowAnd looked out on thoseBrooklyn roads
Thought of going backBut all I'd see are stranger's facesAnd all the scars that love erasesBut as my mind walks through thoses placesI'm wonderin'What's come of them
Does some other young boyCome home to my roomDoes he dream what I didAs he stands by my windowAnd looks out on thoseBrooklyn roads


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