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The Clash - Know Your Rights Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Know Your Rights
Album:From Here to EternityGenres:Pop
Year: Length:245 sec


This is a public service announcement

With guitar

Know your rights all three of them

Number 1

You have the right not to be killed

Murder is a CRIME!

Unless it was done by a

Policeman or aristocrat

Know your rights

And Number 2

You have the right to food money

Providing of course you

Don't mind a little

Investigation, humiliation

And if you cross your fingers


Know your rights

These are your rights


Know these rights

Number 3

You have the right to free

Speech as long as you're not

Dumb enough to actually try it.

Know your rights

These are your rights

All three of 'em

It has been suggested

In some quarters that this is not enough!


Get off the streets

Get off the streets


You don't have a home to go to


Finally then I will read you your rights

You have the right to remain silent

You are warned that anything you say

Can and will be taken down

And used as evidence against you

Listen to this



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