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Remy Shand - I Met Your Mercy Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:I Met Your Mercy
Album:The Way I FeelGenres:Rock
Year: Length:162 sec

Lyricist: Remy Shand


Do you love me
Or do you hate ?
The only way that you will look at me that way (out of my mind)
I've been hanging around here for much too long (here on my own)
When I feel my tremble deep inside
I know my troubles just begun

I met your mercy
When you turn me on
I tried to think twice
About the bad times
Oh, I tried to think twice
About the bad times

Empty hand was my middle name
Yet I feel a little righteous just the same (I never knew)
Who knew I'd be traded in for a better bunch?(A better bunch)
When you left me standing with so much to lose
Oh baby, whats a man to do?



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