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Jann Arden - Piece Of It All Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Piece Of It All
Album:Blood Red CherryGenres:Pop
Year: Length:305 sec

Lyricist: Jann Arden


right now somebody loves you
right now somebody dreams about you
right now somebody needs you
right now somebody's proud of you
proud of you

right now somebody's calling your name
right now somebody's hoping your well
right now somebody's feeling your shame
right now somebody cares if you live

right now somebody hears you

right now somebody knows who you are
right now someone is praying for you
right now someone believes in your heart

right now somebody wants to be your friend
right now somebody's thinking about you
right now someone is wondering where you are
right now you are a piece of it all
a piece of it all
a piece of it all
you are a piece of it all


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