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Garland Jeffreys - Wild in the Streets Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Wild in the Streets
Album:Wild In The Streets:Best Of 19Genres:Other
Year: Length:182 sec


In the heat of the summer
Better call up the plumber
And turn on the street pump
To cool me off

With your newspaper writers
And your big crime fighters
You still need a drugstore
To cure my cough

Running wild in the streets

We got a gang called Shady
And a midnight lady
And two transvestites
To beat the band

You better not touch us
You best believe us
Your teenage Johnny's
Gonna be a man

Runnin' wild in the streets

Mrs. America
Tell me how is your favorite son?
Do you really care
What he has done?

Runnin' wild in the streets


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