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The Christians - Why Waltz Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Why Waltz
Album:The ChristiansGenres:Soul
Year: Length:271 sec


Fear is the key,
That's closing the door
No time for love,
And there's no time for trust.
And fear plays a part,
In everyone's downfall,
Suspicious minds,
That cannot adjust,

And that's why, why we're not saying much,
And why... We must sort this thing out,

So talk to me now,
Don't cause me more pain,
(Tell me)... What's on your mind,
(Please help me) what have I done...?
Oh the unspoken words,
And those looks of distain,
Unless we do try,
We can't carry on,

And that's why, why were not saying much,
And why we must sort this thing out,

And that's why,
There's no more compassion left,
And why,
Our future's in doubt... Let's sort it out

And that's why,
Why we must talk again,
And why,
We must forget the past... Yeah,
And that's why,
We shouldn't let go no more. No,
And why,
Our future will last...


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