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Collective Soul - Scream Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Album:Hints, Allegations, and ThingsGenres: 
Year: Length:198 sec

Lyricist: Collective Soul


Two, Three, Four... (Yeah, 4)...
Push me to the left - Hold me to the right
I never know where to go (Yeah, yeah)
Burning that trail to The Promised Land
You're moving on out of control (Yeah, yeah)

Well I don't want to be some puppet on a string
I don't want to learn of things you can't explain
I don't want to have your views on everything...
I just want to scream!

Scream about hurting (Yeah)
Scream about mercy (Uh-huh)
Scream about something (Yeah)
Scream about nothing

Let it out now... (Yeah, x4)...
Drop me in the hills - Leave me in the plains
Give me some room to breathe (Yeah, yeah)
The words you spill - The moves you make
Well I find them all hard to believe (Yeah, yeah)

Well I don't want to be statistic industry
I don't want to give when all you share is greed
I don't want to have one more enemy...
I just want to scream!


Oh-oh-oh, Gidday up, go... (Yeah, x4)...
There you go, with all your might
Giving promises by decree (Yeah, yeah)
Well God is great, and God is good,
But God you'll never be (Yeah, yeah)

Well I don't want to be in your hospitality
I don't want to live in false reality
See, I'm the one obsessed with truth honesty...
I just want to scream!

[Chorus x2]


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