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Colin James - Tin Pan Alley Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Tin Pan Alley
Album:Colin James and the Little Big Band IIGenres:Rock
Year: Length:277 sec

Lyricist: Colin James


They tell me tin pan alley
's the roughest place 'n town
it's got cuttin' and shootin'
as soon as the sun goes down

ohh...tell me..
what kind of place can the alley be
oh, every woman I guess
lord, the alley takes away from me

When i need my baby
well she can't be found
well she got up early in the morning
she was ten pound alley bound

ohh..tell me... chorus


I heard a pistol shoot
somebody groan
some woman shot my baby
left on that jokers arms

ohh.. tell me.. chorus

Ohh ill really miss my baby
because i really need my baby

ohh ill really miss my baby cause i really need my baby


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