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Song:Just A Little
Album:12" MixesGenres:Rock
Year: Length:233 sec

Lyricist: Liberty X


Sexy, everything about you so sexy
You don't even know what you've got
You really hitting my spot
Oh yeah, yeah
And you're so innocent
Please don't take this wrong coz it's a compliment
I just wanna get with your go
You've gotta learn to let go

Oh baby, won't you
Work it a little bit (oh yeah)
Get hot just a little
Met me in the middle
Let go, just a little bit more (just a little bit)
Gimme just a little bit more
(Just a little, just a little)

Let me, I'll do anything if you just let me
Find a way to make you explore
I know you wanna break down those walls
Yeah yeah
And it's so challenging
Getting close to you's what I'm imagining
I just wanna see you get d--own
You've gotta let it all out


It's so exciting, the way you're inviting me
(I know you really wanna move me like that)
Can't get enough, won't you satisfy my needs
(Please let me be)


(Work) Sexy
(Get hot) Everything about you so sexy
(Meet, Don't let go) You don't even know
(Just a little) Gimme just a little bit more
(Just a little)


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