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Toni Braxton - Stupid Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Year: Length:216 sec

Lyricist: Toni Braxton


Stupid-Cause I know that you never really loved me
And you never gave me something I could see
But you and me never had the sudden opperty
And I feel so stupid after all the nights you left me lonely, to die
And you never gave me a reason why
And now I sit all alone and I cry

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

Am I stupid, I should of known you were only playing the game
And you and me would never be the same

You made me fell like I'm the one to blame
And I feel so stupid,
after all those nights after nights that I've tried
And all those conversations of lies
And I'm sitting here all alone and I'm crying

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
I'm crying oh, oh-oh,oh-oh, oh-oh

Can't believe that I never knew I saved all this love, Baby no one else could ever love me the way that you do, all I needed was you.
Treat me so wrong and I can't believe how could you do me like u do cause I've been so stupid for you.


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