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Toni Braxton - What
Song:What's Good
Year: Length:255 sec

Lyricist: Toni Braxton



Can I share somethin' with ya ladies (what's that?)
I've been all wrong about my baby (well alright)
Not this ain't meant for you to get me wrong
I ain't no stranger to love
(now this is different)
I can't put my finger on it
(but it's different)
and ooooh...I really want it
'cause i really dig his swagger
forgive me if i brag
it's like a house i never left
like a fever i wanna catch
like a mountain that's worth the climb
talkin' 'bout this man of mine
like my money i wanna spend
my homey-lover-friend
he'll be with me till the end
and he's never failed me yet

so i give him good lovin in the mornin'
(i got that)

and late in the evenin'
(i got that)
and i hold him tight
and I let him know
daddy everything is alright
(now what's good)
I got all the lovin that he needs
(now what's good)
comin' with it just the way he need it now
off top
you know it won't stop
he can get all of my lo

now the thing that i love the most
(what's that)
is that he gets what i love the most (well alright)
he's understanding of all my moods
knowin' just what to say and do(yeah)
and yes i am the best and the rest he'll never miss
and yes he's dressed in finest now
What's next is to love, honor and protect
What's next is just a cause and effect of being so blessed

repeat chorus


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