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Syleena Johnson - Apartment For Rent Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Apartment For Rent
Album:Chapter 3: The FleshGenres:R&B
Year: Length:293 sec

Lyricist: Syleena Johnson


(No, no, no)


It's funny how
Every time we talk
You're the boss
Not this time
Made up mind, love is lost
Draw the line, saw it coming
From a mile away
Bet you wish
You could just go change the day
You're the one to blame for all the childish games
Time I face the truth
You ain't tryna change
And I can't stay here (No more, no more)
Another minute, hour, second
Staring in your face

Is there an apartment for rent
Is time that I leave and pack all my ish
Does someone need a roommate
Comes a time when a woman has lost all faith
Is there an apartment for rent
Fed up female, no dog, no kids
Does someone need a roommate
Leave your number and a message
Cause I need it right away

You bring out my violent streak
I don' thrown it all you
But the kitchen sink
And I trust just as far as I can see
It's killing me to be up in your presence
So I look up to heaven, pray to God
Asking Him to give me strength
To stand up to this man
That's abusing me
Mentally it's too much
That I'm finding, all the lying
But I ain't gon' run behind him (Ain't gon run behind him)
That I ain't my life
Cause I can walk away


I ain't no money
But polimony pays
18% for the trouble that you made
You made your own bed hard now lie
You keep the crib
Cause I'm moving out today (Repeat)

(Ladies let me hear you say)

Ablibs/Chorus out:
Oh, Yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause I'm out Mr. Landlord
I dun lost, I dun lost all faith
Is there an vacancy for me
Fed up now, just can't take no more from you, no
I'm know all I'm all I can do
Boy, I'm through, so fed with you
Take your keys, I'm out the door
You ain't gotta worry bout me no more
And it easy to walk away
But it just ain't nothin else to say
Cause I'm so fed up with you now


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