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Syleena Johnson - Still Open Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Still Open
Album:Chapter 3: The FleshGenres:R&B
Year: Length:294 sec

Lyricist: Syleena Johnson



[Verse 1]
It's winter
I last saw you in May
That was the month we
Went our separate ways
And every moment since that day
There have been things that I been wanting to say

(Like I) Didn't mean to say those things
(And I) Didn't mean to cause you pain
(Just wanted to make you happy)
And I still wanna do that

And if you really
Wanna know
My arms... are still open
No matter where we are
And no matter where we go
My arms (For you)
Are still open

[Verse 2]
I'm dreaming
Of a perfect day
We are together
Can you see us together
And I'm hoping
You might feel the same way
Hope we can start new
Cause I used to love you


And I miss you
I need you
I'm so hopeless
Here without you
Wanna see you
Wanna touch you
Wanna show you
How much I love you
I understand you
I will swear to you
Here's a girl who
Is there for you
All this love I have inside...
Is waiting for you, oh

Oh, these arms there still open.....

[Chorus with Adlibs]


These arms are still open.... to you


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