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Soulwax - E Talking Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:E Talking
Album:Nite VersionsGenres:Alternative
Year: Length:340 sec

Lyricist: Soulwax


Names that sound familiar
Secret wounds from failure
Try and look into their eyes
A part of the weekend never dies
There's no tension in your dance
As you try and hold my hand

It's not you it's the e-talking
Closing in on the translation
It's not you it's the e-talking
I'm not sure which part I'm playing

Look and I come in between
Faces you have never seen
Silence re-alarms go wild
Rock stop paint me melt to lie
As you weep things work the same
But I can't recall your name


Stranger at your own
Party feels like home
Late night phonecalls
Try to please all



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