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Nina Sky - Holla Back Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Holla Back
Album:Nina SkyGenres:Blues
Year: Length:200 sec

Lyricist: Nina Sky


Nina Sky's in the buildin' tonight
Here we go feel this

Verse 1:
Checkin' in the club, feelin' nice
Got my home girls rollin' with me on my ride
I feel the music gettin inside me and hit the dance floor
'bout to set the night off right

They said as the rythym gets inside me
I bet that later we'll be grindin'
No stress cuz' we left our men at home
And if ur feelin' wat we singin' then you know that its on

Come to dance and do our thang
Party in this club see what the night brings
Five guys trying holla we gon' holla back
and party to this Nina Sky track

Verse 2:
50 after party 'bout 5
Checkin all the fly papi's are inside
I feel the heat gettin hotter and I'm
gonna get my party on 2nite


Verse 3:
Leave the after party 'bout 9
Hearing 'Move Ya Body Girl' in the ride (and start dancin)
Get back home and I lose track of time
Makin' sure the plans for tomorow are alright


Guys watching you dancing and screaming OH!
Night ain't over you still have time to GO!
Keep it dancing lets see you work the floor
Do your thang,do your thang

C'mon and party with us


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