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The Mavericks - I Should Have Been True Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:I Should Have Been True
Album:The Definitive CollectionGenres:Pop
Year: Length:311 sec

Lyricist: The Mavericks


You held ---my hand
I was-- your man
I know --that I --was wrong ---to lie

Chorus 1
If I could go back --in time
Back when you ---were mine
I could hold-- you tight
And --be -with -you

Chorus 2
I should have been true
I should have been blue
I shouldn't --wonder -why -you're -gone
I should have -known -that- I -was- wrong

Your eyes --your lips
Your touch --I'll miss
The nights-- so long
Since you've been gone

Repeat chorus 1

Repeat chorus 2

Repeat chorus 1

Repeat chorus 2 twice


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