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Life Of Agony - Strung Out Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Strung Out
Album:Broken ValleyGenres:Rock
Year: Length:240 sec

Lyricist: Life Of Agony



strung out
strung out again i'm looking for that second chance
i've reached out
i've reached out for friends i think i know how the story ends
if this world has let you down then leave it if you're lost among the crowd
defeated if you can't see past your frown and cheated you're feeling like there must be more to life than this
face down face down again injected just below the skin break out break out of this i think i've got the itch again
if i gave it all up do you do you think i do you think i would survive?
and if i walked right up to you should should i greet you?
or should i lay down and die? and if i came full circle with you would you take me?
would you take me back in your life and i tried so hard
so you'd be proud of me,proud of me,proud of me, proud of me proud all the time


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