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Life Of Agony - Don
Song:Don't Bother
Album:Broken ValleyGenres:Rock
Year: Length:213 sec

Lyricist: Life Of Agony


Don't Bother

Bitch, bitch such a lonely bitch, bitch sitting
On my bed-more lonely then you know
Wish, wish-
Wish I could've been something
More than this-
Something I could've shown
Missed, missed-
Wish I didn't slip, slip-
Wish I didn't piss-
Off everyone I know
Twist, twist-
Twisting off my head,head
Set it on the shelf-
Gone as far as I can go
And I was lost-all along
So don't bother, don't bother
Wrist's slit-
Think I better sit, sit-
Time to catch
My breath and watch the river flow
Shit, shit-Think I wanna stick, stick-
Don't think I
Wanna dismiss all I have known
Look at this mess, mess
Sick of all this death-
Everywhere I go
Rest, rest-
Think I failed the test, test
Sitting on my bed-
More lonely than you know
And take me-take me away
And give me-and give me-and give me a place
Such a lonely-I was lost-all along


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