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Killswitch Engage - Take This Oath Lyrics - Lyrics2You
Song:Take This Oath
Album:The End of HeartacheGenres:Hard Rock
Year: Length:227 sec

Lyricist: Killswitch Engage


Abandon the safety of mindless following
Abandon what hold us captive to suffering

Pierce the blinders
Behold the path that leads before you
Let us forsake
Forsake all the things
That lead us
Lead us to our demise

Open your eyes
See the divine
Open your eyes and see the

Destruction of innocence
Watch it breathe its last

Open your eyes
Behold the path before you
See the divine
Forsake our demise
Open your eyes
The path before you
And see the

Abandon the safety of mindless following

To the grave we take this oath
To leave this world behind
Hear the words of the voice that lives inside

Break fre
This is your time
Break free

To the grave
Take this oath


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